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Marfa Titled KID FRESINO Tee Color Two And "Tenderloin" 2 MIX CD LTD Pack



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Marfa Titled KID FRESINO Tee https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zWK2Iuxcp8o 6.0 oz. 100% Cotton Tubular Jersey M(着丈73cm,身幅50.5cm,肩幅50cm,袖丈21cm) L(着丈79cm,身幅55cm,肩幅54cm,袖丈22.5cm) XL(着丈83cm,身幅60cm,肩幅61.5cm,袖丈23cm) ※一点づつハンドプリントのため、刷りムラがございます。予めご了承頂ますようお願い致します。 東京、San FranciscoとNew Yorkを跨ぎ、KID FRESINO、MarfaのKazuhiko Fujitaによって、この五年間に約一年に一度録音された四本のMixtape。全ての作品は愛というテーマのもと作られ、四作品にて完結した。 It has been five years since that happened. Even It has been a year since I came back to this country, Japanese seasons remind me that I felt something for you. I was too young, so I have caused a lot of trouble for you and might make you had a bad time. At that time, to express honesty my attitude and speech was the only method how to love you. It was the first time to love a specific person the most, so I did only know that. I got you tried to do what was right for me. I could not believe how much you loved me. Even now I can not stop loving you. If loving you is wrong, I do not want to be right. It is that love is a two way street. Kazuhiko Fujita TRACK LIST : Disc One 1. I Couldn't Believe How Much She Loved Me. 2. I Can't Stop Loving Her. Disc Two 1. If Loving You Is Wrong, I Don't Wanna Be Right. 2. Love Is A Two-Way Street プロフィール : KID FRESINO El Presidente of Cocaina Oil Musica Equipo 11/25/1993 dogearrecords KAZUHIKO FUJITA i'm Kazuhiko Fujita. i've been an artist. i'm not numbers. 日本横町 ***Dealers*** Apple Butter Store (applebutter-store.com) disk union (diskunion.net) Jazzy Sport (www.jazzysport.com) JET SET RECORDS (www.jetsetrecords.net) Marfa Online Store (marfa-by-kazuhikofujita.com) Refugee Market (https://downnorthcamp.stores.jp/) TRASMUNDO (東京都世田谷区赤堤4-46-6 2F) WENOD RECORDS (www.wenod.com)